About the Site

I play fictitious characters often solving fictitious problems. I believe mankind has looked at climate change in the same way, as if it were a fiction.

– Leonardo DiCaprio


Welcome! My name is Margaret K. Overton and I am a freshman at Duke University majoring in Environmental Science and Policy. I’m here to share news on the environment and tips for how to live a greener life.

As you may know, the American government has recently undergone a major change in ideology and leadership, especially regarding climate change. With the appointments of Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection AgencyRex Tillerson as Secretary of State, and other climate deniers in his cabinet, President Trump has made it clear that he will be making good on the anti-environmental views he expressed during the campaign. We cannot expect his administration to lead the transition to clean, renewable energy, and as the federal government looks the other way, climate change continues to accelerate its pace and inflict more damage every day. The responsibility of taking action is ours to shoulder— so will you accept the mission?

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